jade fox


black girl with opinions & time


Jade is a comedian and video blogger with over 14 million views on Youtube and almost a quarter million followers across Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Her videos have caught the attention on VH1, Paper Magazine, and VICE. Most recently, Jade has gotten into stand up comedy and public speaking in Los Angeles and is producing long and short-form comedic content on various platforms. 



This is Jade. Jade is writing this.

So, no need to question whether or not this is Jade writing this in the third-person or if Jade paid someone to compliment her in 500 words or less. Jade grew up in Virginia with the hopes of becoming Shawn Yancy. Yancy was the local news anchor for FOX with Michelle Obama's shoulders and Beyonce's deep speaking voice. Later, she realized she can't keep a straight face that long, Beyonce is inimitable, and she's 9. She chose comedy over journalism days later.

Jade took her talents to Youtube in 2009, creating a page would garner 17M+ views, 159K+ subscribers, and command the attention of networks like VH1 and All Def Digital. In 2016, Jade kissed her good government job bye, packed up her Honda Civic, and moved to Los Angeles, CA to take comedy seriously.

Since then, Jade has been featured in Paper Magazine, VICE, and Bustle--just to name a few. In 2017, her podcast Do Not Disturb with Jade quickly become the #1 podcast through Revry Studios. These days, Jade is focused on sharpening her skills by doing stand up and public speaking at colleges and industry events.